June 01, 2006

People watching in.....

...O'Hare airport.

There is something so fascinating to me about people in airports. Where are they going? How in the world do some travel with no carry-ons? Are they going home or off to a fantastic vacation or to visit family? Why do some dress up to travel? Are they thinking that the aisle in the plane is their own person runway? Why are they running like the big bad wolf is chasing them? Are they really lost or is that vacant expression on their face just airport induced?

I find myself making up stories for each person that catches my eye. When my flight was called 6 hours later, I was almost sad to leave. But then again, I got to watch people find their loved ones at the gate when we arrived at our destination. That's almost better. Almost....

(So, why was I at the airport for 6 hours in a Chicago? American Airlines strikes again. Cancelled flight on the way to Iowa.)

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