March 23, 2007


Okay, so today I was clicking in on one of my daily blog fixes. I read a ton (as in 20 in my favorites and another who knows how many I click on as a link from one of those). I have 4 favorites that I *need* to read everyday (Ali, Tara, Gblog {password protected so I can't share}, Elsie...these women are constant sources of inspiration) or I feel like I'm missing out on something important. I love it! I've *met* so many new *friends* and learned SO much on so many different subjects. I have 3 different folders for my little bloggy friends and almost all of them fit into one of the 3. *CHINA* *PHOTOG* *SCRAP* Guess those 3 little words say a lot about where my interests lie. There are, of course, a couple that definitely don't fit into those categories, like my sister's, Zach Braff, Pam Beesley and Poppy Ink (which isn't technically a blog).
Anyway...I was reading Tara's post today. She added some new links on her blog. {{{I LovE it when people put links on their blogs. That's how I found 3 of my top 4 favs. I was looking on a China adoption blog one day almost 2 years ago when I found a link to Tara's site which lead me into the whole world of scrapbooking and paper crafts.}}} One of the links was this which was so cute and fun that I followed the other link on that page which lead me to this blog. Now, I'm obsessed! It's that undiagnosed OCD again...Please follow my link game one more time and read this post. I think I've re-read it about 10 times since this morning. I can't get it out of my head! I actually went to Whole Foods and bought a bottle of Dr. Bronner's Almond Soap. Mostly because it was cheap and my skin has been very unhappy as of late and I'm ready to try anything. I've tried a bazillion different type of soaps and cleansers and toners and lotions and acne creams. Now, the older I get, I see how much damage I've done thinking I needed something stronger and harsher to kill whatever was causing the problems. This little post made me think. This isn't the first time I've heard about all natural stuff. The organic food craze is HUGE here where I live. We have 2 of the big chains, Whole Foods and Trader Joe's within about 5 miles of each other. Plus a couple other little co-ops. It's a very trendy area full of people with lots of money. But I've never bought into it. That post, I'm tellin' you, just made me think. It's worth a try, right? Who knows how much cancer and disease is caused by the way we live today.
These are the thoughts rolling around in my little brain. I tend to over think something I find interesting. Over think = research and beat to death until I come to a conclusion I feel comfortable with.
What do you guys think? Is all the organic/natural stuff worth it's weight? And do any of you read good blogs? Any good links to share? I'm always ready for a new one to add to my favorites!!!

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