March 21, 2007

This morning

wish I was in Vacouver BC.

My mom talked up this city before we left on our trip last September. There are so many really cool cities (Seattle, Annapolis, NYC, Boston, Paris) that I didn't see how this one could be so different or amazing. But oh, how she was right. I just fell in love with it. I miss Lion's Gate Bridge and Stanley Park and film crews everywhere!!

Have this CD on repeat.

Even if you don't love the show, this CD is incredible in it's own right. Number #13 has been on repeat for almost a half an hour now. It's just a beautiful piece of music with lovely violin melodies. They used it (#13) again on an episode this season and I literally stopped listening to the diologue and just listened to the music. Enchanting. Plus, Sunday is the season finale and it's been picked up for season 4! Glory hallelujah!

Thinking about these photos by Tara Whitney.

She inspires me. Her post today is just a taste of why she is so amazing. Everytime she posts a new photo, my eyes are glued to the screen. I would love to meet her one day and just watch her do a photo shoot.

Oh, and did I mention that I'm going to see HIM next weekend?!!!
Happy early birthday to me from my dear little sister and her hubby.

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