January 10, 2013

A whole new year

(sledding at my sister's during the holidays)

It's a whole new year.
2012 was rather uneventful in this little corner of the internet.
Kinda makes me sad inside.

On a happier note...
it's a whole NEW year!
I love new beginnings.
Starting all over with a clean slate.
Brand new.

Here are a few things that have been on my radar lately:

Downton Abbey.  It's back.  And it's better than ever.  Won't say any more because no one likes a spoiler.

ESV Study Bible in a Year Plan on YouVersion.  I haven't done the whole Bible in one year since college.  Randomly at the end of 2012, the Lord told me it was time to do it again.  I'm really loving this plan.  Loving how easy it is on my phone too.

365.  I'm less than a week away from finishing my Instgram 365.  I can't even believe it.  A whole year of photos.

The Impossible.  I loved this 200% more than I loved Les Mis (so disappointing).  It was hauntingly mesmerizing.  Seriously.  Go see it.  One the big screen.  And try your hardest not to cry, but I bet you will.

Divergent.  One of the most fun books I've read in a while. I could not put this down on my long road trip over the holidays.  I have the second book waiting on my shelf right after I finish The Age of Miracles, which I am completely engrossed in.


Kaley said...

I read Divergent because of your blog post, or instagram or something, and it was super good. The beginning was hard for me, with the fighting, but oh my lanta. Now I'm telling myself to wait at least a week before ordering the sequel! You always know the best teen fiction ! :)

cottage girl said...

The only reason I know so much about teen fiction is the ridiculous amount that I consume. It's my first (and usually only) stop at the library and the bookstore. And I'm only mildly embarrassed by this fact.

Glad you liked Divergent! The beginning was a little harsh, but by the middle, I was hooked.