January 23, 2013

music obsession

I'm incredibly OCD (that's pretty much a verb and adjective now, right?).
I obsess over things I like until I'm basically sick to death of them.  
At this moment, these two songs are pretty much "it". 

Time by Hans Zimmer on Grooveshark

Rise by Hans Zimmer on Grooveshark

I put them on repeat for a ridiculous amount of time.
An hour, maybe?  
Over and over and over.
Each time I find a new note or section I love more and more.
They are my go-to when I'm working on Bible Study, especially.  
*side note: in college, I was one of those weird people who couldn't study in the library because I would get so distracted people-watching.  Instead, I would hide in my room and blast instrumental movie soundtracks (Last of the Mohicans got me through most of those years).  That was my study help. 

You know Jack Black's character, Miles, from The Holiday?
That part when they are in the video store and he is playing the soundtrack game with Kate Winslet's Iris? 
That is so me.
Soundtrack nerd.

ps: my niece loves silly face photos.  She will do them for a long, long time.  And this photo-loving-Auntie is in heaven the whole time.  This is my new favorite, favorite, favorite of her.  Just a snap with the iPhone in a perfectly sunny lit room with the snow outside as the perfect white reflector.  Needs to go on the wall, don't you think?


leslie.kidd said...

The songs are beautiful! I can see why you listen to them over and over again...I would do the same, wait I may do the same ;)
I love your niece's pic! So fun! And I love that scene in The Holiday!! :D
So I think it's time we moved our friendship to facebook :)

cottage girl said...

Hidden fact about me: I'm a terrible at Facebook. I rarely check it. Like maybe once a week or two? If I'm lucky. Never been able to get into it.

Weird, right?! I spill my guts on a much more public blog, but never say anything on Facebook. To each his own, I suppose.

leslie.kidd said...

That's so funny! Good to know. Funny thing too I don't even know your name! :)

cottage girl said...

Wow. Sometimes I forget that I keep everything so vague here. Here's my email: ape_gold (at)yahoo.com. Send me an email and we can chat and connect on Facebook too!

Stephanie said...

Your sister has the MOST adorable children! (and I never say that to anyone!)seriously every picture you post of them is so cute and I always think the same thing!

I've missed seeing you on here. I haven't written in a long time because I'm busy and tired. But life is good and I'm busy with very happy things!

I'll write soon. How are you?

cottage girl said...

I misssssss you too, S. So very much. I'll email soon.