February 01, 2013

365 complete

I finished my 365 project on January 15, 2013.
Actually it was a 366 because it was a leap year, so 3 cheers for an extra day!
And not only did I finish my 366, but I completed each and every single day.
Didn't miss once.

My goal was to take one photo every day with my iPhone and then post it to Instagram.
It was a lofty goal and one that I was nervous about completing.
However, about a month in, I was hooked.
I loved how easy it was to do with my iPhone.
(the main reason I wanted an iPhone in the first place was for the camera.  true story)
Now, that isn't to say that some days it wasn't a chore.
There were a few days when it felt hard and there was no inspiration.
But those days were few and far between.

(taken with Fotomecha app, which I stumbled upon when it was offered for free.  Totally worth $1.99 though.  It's well designed and easy to use and takes great shots!  The kids were jumping up and down the entire time I took this, and I purposely made them partially blurry to capture the movement.)

And now, I have an entire year's worth of photos.
A visual journal of life for the year 2012.
I can flip through it on Instagram any time I want.
And I will probably print them out in a Blurb book eventually.

I did take a ridiculous amount of photos of the water that is in my backyard.
But truth be told, I stare at it several times a day in wonder, even if I don't take a photo.
So, I guess it is just a snapshot of my daily life.

I ordered several sets of StickyGrams through out the year which now stick to my kitchen wall (it's magnetic).
I was reminded how amazing it was to have my photos in printed form.
(something I haven't done in years)
Little snippets on the wall that catch my eye when I walk by.
I wouldn't have any of these magnets without my 365 challenge and the hundreds of photos to choose from.

And then there are favorite (or at least a few of them cause I have too many favorites) photos that I just can't get enough of.

1. Hillsong concert 2. the river at sunset  3. Color explosion at the Color Run  4. My grandfather's old Polariod Land Camera and my first time using VSCO cam  5. The neighbors lily pond with a perfect ray of sunlight 6. Another sunset  7. Me and The Bro playing with the mirror lined escalator at the National Aquarium  8.  Jefferson Memorial during the Cherry Blossoms  9. Sledding with the family at my sister's over the holidays

It was an amazing challenge.
One that I haven't totally given up on because I've still been posting every day.
It has become a habit.
A habit I hope to keep.

This past year was a great year for making (and keeping!) goals.
I already have one or two lined up for this year.
Practical, challenging and fun too.
And I must say that completing this goal was a highlight of my year.

What about you?
Any goals that you have for 2013?
Are you keeping up with them?


stephanie said...

so many beautiful pictures! I love the magnet idea!

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leslie.kidd said...

Congrats! Well done! :)