February 22, 2013

i love tv

(Lady Mary of Downton Abbey.  Can't even talk about how beautiful that dress was)

It's Oscar weekend.

I've been a watcher and admirer of the Oscars since I was small.

But can I tell you a secret...

I think TV blew movies completely out of the water this year.

There was so much more drama and tension and joy and in just an hour or two of the small screen than in the entire movie season this year.

So, while I will, of course, watch on Sunday night, the awards, the fashion, the over the top pomp and circumstance, it won't really have the same thrill as this last week in TV had.

February sweeps 2013.
oooh, my.  I can't even...
It was brutal this year.
It was fan-tastic this year.
Some of the best TV I have seen in years.
Hearbreaking, shattering, and just plain GOOD.
In the last week alone, 4 characters have died on 4 of the TV shows I watch.
(the plethora of zombie deaths don't count, obviously, but that head in the car-trunk...wow.)
While my poor imagination is suffering from the loss of beloved characters,
I'm secretly enjoying every last minute of it.

Sorry, Mom.
You tried to curb my TV addiction for years as I was growing up.
But try as you did, I'm hopeless.
I love TV.

Thank you,
The Good Wife
The Walking Dead
Downton Abbey
Vampire Diaries
Grey's Anatomy
for some of the best TV all year in just one week.

Take that, movies.
You have long way to go before you can fill those shoes.

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