February 20, 2013

Creative mind

Last night I spent a good, long time curled up next to my little electric heater finishing up the book Grace: A Memoir.  I heard that it was coming out a few months ago and instantly put it on my "holds" list at the library.  While it wasn't one of the best memoirs I've ever read (read Lucille Ball's Love, Lucy, if you want a spectacular one), I really enjoyed hearing from/about one of the most creative minds in fashion today.

I came to love Grace's work years ago, before I even recognized that it was her name stamped on it.  I would occasionally flip through a Vogue magazine in the grocery store line or the library and would be stopped dead in my tracks by one of the spreads.  The image would be burned into my brain for weeks/years.  Occasionally, I would buy an issue because the photos were just too spectacular and I would have to have a copy to stare at myself for a while (this was before the wonder of Pinterest).

Then I heard about The September Issue.  A documentary?  About a fashion magazine?  Yes, please.  I watched it and like almost everyone else that watched it, I was captivated by Grace Coddington. And it was then that I realized that she was behind all of those fashion spreads that I had been saving and bookmarking and filing away in my head as inspiration.  (ps...The September Issue is fantastic.  You should watch it.)

Anyway, interesting book.  Fascinating, creative mind.  And she's 70 years old and still working like mad at Vogue.  Pretty amazing, huh? Pretty amazing.

Here are just a few of those images that will be burned into my mind forever...


(I've been completely entranced by this one lately.  The light.  The tones.  The movement.)

***all images (except top one) are from Vogue found via Pinterest.  

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