July 18, 2013

Heat wave

I am sitting on my kitchen counter with my Air on my lap, trying to get a wireless signal.

True story.

A girl has to get internet somehow, right?

It is currently 5,000 degrees outside and my shoulders are a nice dark red/brown.  That happens when my sunscreen melts off my skin by 11:00am.  Reapplication doesn't work when you have to towel off the sweat.  Yuk.

Other than those facts, it was a fine morning here.  I spent most of it IN the river to try and stay cool.  The river now has colder water than the pool.

Note:  I did not in any way say cleaner.  Ooooh, no.  That is most definitely not true.

Last night, I jumped in the pool at the end of the long day only to realize I was jumping in a giant bathtub of tepid/warm water.  How refreshing!

Today, the sand at the beach was like hot lava.  Burning, scalding, hot lava.  The kids were running around screaming, "It burns!  It burns!"  It does, kids.  I'm right there with you.

So basically we handle the heat really well around here.  We ignore all heat advisories and warnings.  We spend almost every second outside when the experts advise us to stay indoors.  We drink lots of water though.  And we take a dip (or 30) in various water contraptions (troughs, rivers, pools, hoses).

Side note:  one of the counselors was spraying the happy kids with the ice cold hose water while they were crabbing today.  They LOVED it.  Didn't catch any crabs though.

This heat wave won't stop us.  But we sure will be glad to bid it farewell at the end of this week.

A good hearty kick in the pants out the door.

Toasty warm and thankful for working air conditioning,

Cottage Girl

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