July 22, 2013

online favorites

During the summer months, I spend very little time online.  

This is mostly because I still don't have reliable internet at home.

Despite the limited time, there are a few sites and apps I still check in with often.

These are my "go-to's" when I happen to get online.

1. Feedly

I read a lot of blogs.  Just love them.  They are like mini auto-biographies.  Mini-idea factories.

After the news several months ago that Google Reader was being discontinued (boo), I began looking around trying to find something that could take it's place.  After trying one or two that just didn't work for me (really didn't like Bloglovin'.  not user friendly for me.  also, the Pulse app.  it was fine, but you had to manually add all the blogs/sites you want to follow.), I started googling the best feed readers.  I saw a few people mention Feedly on various message boards and gave it a try.

Best things about Feedly, for those of you who read a lot of blogs....

I transferred my entire list of feeds from Google Reader in about 5 seconds.  I didn't have to manually add all of the sites that I follow.  Major bonus.

It's very user friendly with lots of options to set up the layout how you want it.

Beautifully designed and well maintained.

I actually started using it even before Google Reader died because I enjoyed the interface better.

2.  Twitter

Why Twitter?  Well, it's Comic Con weekend.  Duh.  I have loved getting the Nerd HQ play-by-play.  Plus, it tends to be the way I keep up with the news of the world at the moment.

3.  The Nerd Machine channel on YouTube

Nerd HQ panels stream live.  It's the next best thing to being there.  I've caught a few panels just as they started and have laughed right along with the audience that is there.  One day I hope to make it to Nerd HQ live-and-in-person.  As for now, thank you Zachary Levi for your live feeds and for the fun that is Nerd HQ for those of us who can't go.  So much fun.

4.  Amazon Cloud Player (app especially)

It's pretty much the only way I've listened to music as of late.

5.  Instagram

Because it's still my favorite social media site out there.  I'm addicted to photos. I have just passed 1,000 posts.  What?!

What apps or sites are you loving right now?  What are your go-to sites during your limited time online?

1 comment:

stephanie said...

Your so high-tech...my go-to site is your blog and my yahoo email account! I read the headlines on Yahoo too :)