July 14, 2013

you must

"You should write a book."

"Really...you should."

"You could write about camp. Think of all the stories you could tell."

"You could write about your grandparents' stories.  All those letters and correspondence you have are just waiting to be turned into a book."

"You have such a talent.  You must write."

It's so nice to know that my parents believe in me.  Even when I don't think I can write a single coherent sentence.  Maybe one day.  One day, I shall be able to get these stories that I just know are swirling around in my head out

Until then, photos shall be my stories.  For they are definitely my outlet right now.  


Meredith T. said...

I would read it! Love you friend! Keep the bay pictures coming...I love them so much.

twentyfivetolife said...

"one day" will always be tomorrow until you decide to make it today. I would totally buy your book.