July 25, 2013

Jelly fish drama

Kids freak out about jelly fish.

I know this is a strange sentence to begin a blog post, but it must be said.

I think that kids think that jelly fish are like sharks.

They hunt them.

They stalk them in the murky depths of the water.

They lurk about seeking their tiny legs and arms and fingers.

The kids are convinced that the stings from jellies are like electric shocks.  Like a taser.

The stings will render them helpless, lifeless, basically close to death.

Jellyfish do NOT stalk, seek out, nor follow people.  They lazily float along. One must walk/swim into them to be stung by them.

Their stings are annoying and hurt for 30 minutes at worst.

I try to share these facts lovingly with the kids.  About 500 times an hour.  Most of the time, it doesn't matter.  A pieces of seaweed floats against their skin and they flip out and scream that they have been stung and run onto the beach as quickly as their little legs will take them. There is hollering and wailing and one would think that their limbs have been severed.

It would be funny if they weren't so traumatized.  I do feel bad, but at times, it's hard to be compassionate with the over-reaction.

Just a brief glimpse into the life at the waterfront during summer camp.

Jelly fish drama.

It is inevitable.

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