March 03, 2006

Ark update

This morning I was awoken by that stupid creature under my house. (my little house is up off the ground like a house on the beach would be. There is a crawl space under the entire floor.) He seemed to be eating away at the floor. Crunch, crunch, crunch....back and forth, back and forth. I got so angry that I JUMPED down, out of bed and stomped on the floor. I think it either quieted him down or scared him away. I was scared that he had eaten so much and I would go straight through the floor. Something must be done! What else do I have to do to keep him from getting in?!!!
Oh, and now a squirrel sits on a tree and looks at me through the window by my desk at work. Maybe I need to be Rex Harrison in the movie "Doctor Doolittle" and sing Talk to the Animals along with them.

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