July 12, 2006


Got this awesome book/magazine at Barnes and Noble this weekend. I love the design this magazine SIMPLE SCRAPBOOKS has. I get great ideas for cards and albums. I had been getting stuck thinking of different themes for some of the cards I make and how to say the same thing like "happy birthday" or "thank you" or "just a quick note" over and over again. This book is full of different questions to get you thinking and maybe even take your train of thought in a whole new direction.
I was inspired and have some great ideas in the works.

I've also been thinking about my blog. I read so many blogs from so many different types of people each day. I love them! They inspire me and make me think. Too often, I don't do the same on my blog. I'm in a hurry and just post a picture. I want to make more use of this blank canvas in front of me every day. So, I've decided to choose some questions, like the ones in this book, but not entirely, to write. If what I say inspires you to think too, let me know! I'd love to hear from you.
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