July 10, 2006

Traffic nightmare

Sometimes, it's so great to have your camera in the car with you. This time is was to have proof of the nightmare I trapped in. See for yourself....
Saturday, spur of the moment, I went to visit my family. We went to see a movie and just spend some time together before my sister moves away. Took me 45 minutes to get to them. We went to see Pirates like everyone else in the US apparently. (it was okay, but no where near as good as the first. But it was worth it to see Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow run across a suspension bridge. I couldn't stop laughing. Love his characters!) We had to search out several theaters to find a showing that wasn't sold out. The movie ended and I jumped in the car to go home. Then I encountered THIS (see above photo). Apparently the state highway administration decided to shut down the ENTIRE south bound side of this overcrowded highway. 3-4 lanes completely stopped. Roadwork. It was so nice of them to post the sign only 5 miles before the actual work too. By the time I saw the sign I had been sitting in traffic for over an hour already. Then, they decided to shift everyone into 1 lane to do a detour, but not really tell you where to go on the detour. I felt like I was driving in circles in some cruel horror movie that never ended.

And how long did it take me to get home? 2 HOURS

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stephanie said...

YIKES that looks bad. we put new jersey as an option we would like to go to... that would be kinda close to you right? but boy- i worry about dealing with traffic like that- i've lived in outta the way places for 8 yrs- i wouldn't even know how to deal with traffic like that- and i would hate it too!