July 13, 2006

What was that?

This week, the kids are making sailboats (little wooden boats with paper sails, mind you) in crafts. Most have turned into pirate ships (thank you very much, Johnny Depp). As they were working today, I decided to start writing down some of the phrases that came out of their mouths. Here they are...

"I can paint at turbo speed. Wanna see?"

"The engine in my boat is as big as 500 fat cows and 2oo tall buildings."

"It's my imagination ship. It can have anything on it I want. Like zombies."

"I made a sketch. Wanna see?"
my reply: that's really good, Dakota. What is a sketch anyway?
"Well, it's basically a pre-made picture that you color in."

"Do you know the sun is blind?"

"I always make me suns with glasses so they can see"

I never get tired of sitting with these kids and watching them create. Their imaginations are incredible. The way they see the world is something I never want to forget or take for granted.

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stephanie said...

so cute. jack said today while we were out walking (pointing to houses as we passed) "that's a respected strangers house- we have to keep our eyes on them." ummm...okay..... he's heard all those words lately and decided to put them together!