July 05, 2006

Today at snack shop I had....

I can't get enough of blue "Original" flavored Sun Chips right now. I'm a dearly, devoted fan of the Cheddar flavor, but had to try the blue after the Cheddar had sold out. Right now, it hits the spot. 4 days in a row. And a Fruit Roll-up just takes me back to elementary school. We hardly ever had them growing up, so I'm making up for lost Roll-up yumminess.
Yesterday we had a killer storm. WIND like a tornado. There were tree branches down all over the place. Our floating climbing wall is now beached (and not in the middle of ocean thankfully). The rain came in LARGE drops. Lightning, thunder. But it all was gone by the time fireworks began. I was blessed enough to watch them with 150 kids running around and laughing. If you could bottle up kid's laughter and sell it, I think it could cure the blues. It just makes me smile everytime I hear it.
Tonight, I'm getting off the property (gasp! a life outside of summer camp?!!) to hang with the Europe trip crew. I'm sure lots of reminiscing and laughter will be had by all. Also, a reminder that I still haven't printed out the 600 pictures that I took. Need a part time job to pay for the developing of my photography obsession.
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