July 12, 2006

"What would you do....

if you had one free afternoon to do anything you wanted, what would it be?"
This question is from Stacy Julian's free BIG PICTURE project.

My answer:

Right now, at this point of the summer my answer would be take a nap. By week 4 of camp, I'm exhausted 24/7. With limited free time, I stay up late a night to work on projects and just spend time in the Word (cause life would be impossible with my God and I time). I love to get in a nap during my 24 hours off on Saturday. It's heaven....mmmmm....

In other times, my answers are:

grab a book and sit on the porch and read

Watch a TV show (whichever series I'm hooked on at the moment) on DVD

Head outside and take some pictures

Go shopping

Clean my house (yes, I like cleaning my house. really. weird, I know.)

What about you?

1 comment:

stephanie said...

go see a movie- do some shopping and then take a nap- that would take more than an afternoon though! :)