September 20, 2006

200th post and I'm in....

San Francisco. The sun is shining and the sky is clear. I'm sitting on the back of the cruise boat looking at Alcatraz typing on the laptop. Crazy! I have tons of pictures to upload, but we have a super slow connection through the cell phone right now.
The trip has been amazing. Astoria and Cannon Beach were beautiful once again. I love it there and this trip sealed the deal. The beach is heavenly. I really love it here in San Fran too. We took the sightseeing trolley tour around the city, across the Golden Gate Bridge and through China town. Then took and old fashioned trolley ride and hung off the side hanging on to the poles. We jumped off at Lumbar Street and walked down the crooked street.
Vancouver was really neat. We saw several different places where things were being filmed, saw the Smallville studios, Battlestar Galactica studios and just enjoyed the city. Victoria was cute too. Bad rainy weather though. Tomorrow is Catalina island and then on to San Diego. Yes!!! We end in Los Angeles in a couple days. Will post again when I can.

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