September 06, 2006

behind the scenes

Lately, I've been looking around on the 'net to see if I can find filming locations for some of my favorite TV shows when we go to California on my next trip. I typed in (dear old Google) a show name and then "filmed" and I found tons of sights and even the studios they use. It's amazing the stuff you can find online. While I researching Veronica Mars (Oct. 3rd season premiere can't come fast enough) I found out that the creator of the show loves bloggers who write about his show. As appreciation, he picked a couple of them and invited them to come and spend the day on the set. This was my favorite re-cap of the day. I LOVE behind the scenes stuff. People goofing around behind the scenes. Wardrobe trailers. Props on set. Magic behind the story. It's all so fascinating to me. So, Rob Thomas, if you ever want more bloggers to come and visit your set, I'm ready at any time. And meeting "Logan" wouldn't be too bad either!

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