December 01, 2006

Been thinking

and working lots lately. Our staff was on a staff retreat for the last 3 days.

Been thinking about lots of stuff: friends.... it's December and the year 2006 is about over (does anyone else think that this year went by quicker that normal?!).....enjoying the Scrubs premiere last night (this clip from the upcoming musical is hilarious!)....contemplating spending an enormous amount of cash on a new camera....thinking about where my life is going.....thinking about the things I see in myself that I need to change....being more confident in who I am as I get older(which is huge for this introvert)....realizing how much my life has changed in the last 2 years....feeling guilty for things that I fail to do. I guess it's just one of those days/weeks when I feel more caught up in my own head than I do in the world around me. Always good to re-evaluate and take inventory. I don't ever want to be at a point where I think "I am there. No change needed."
Also feeling the need to create something. Just don't know what it is yet. It's exciting to anticipate what it may be though.

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stephanie said...

whoa! we've been having the same week!!!!!!! i've been "in my head" too...and realizing LOTS of stuff i don't do that i should be doing!!!!!!! realizing i do not measure up to where i should be! but i feel the same way you do...the older i get, the more comfortable with myself i get. even with my mistakes...i can forgive and move onward much easier than in the past. i don't have an emotional breakdown over every realization! :) my christmas tea/discovery toy party is tomorrow so i gotta get upstairs and start baking! have a great weekend!