December 25, 2006

The Roosevelt Hotel across from Grauman's Chinese Theater. I LOVED this wall paper. Not really this picture though. Yuk!

As many of you know, I've spent many an hour in the "Mystery Machine" at camp. Got to see the real one from the movies when we did the Warner Brothers tour. It's much smaller than the camp one!

Totally cool shot. Me at "County General Hospital" from ER. I've been an ER fan for years and years, so this was super fun. Recognize this entry way where the doctors go in a out as well as the ambulances?!

The "front door" of the ER. The doctors come in and out of this door all the time on the show. There is a rain machine way up by the roof of the building to change the weather.

On the cruise boat leaving Vancouver.

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Anonymous said...

as a local artist myself, i totally disagree w/ the beautifully composed top picture. what a pose!