December 25, 2006

While I'm at home...

with the family, I'm using their computer. The one with all our pictures from the trip to the west coast in September. Since I haven't taken any pictures today, thought I'd post some of these. I realized that I still haven't finished posting about that trip. Shame on me. It was so amazing. One of the best I've ever taken. Here they are....oh, and these were all taken by my mom, so I can't take any credit for how good they turned out. Enjoy!
Getting back on the boat in Astoria, Oregon. Nerds? You betcha.

Our tour trolley took us across the Golden Gate and let us get off to take pictures before doing the rest of the city.

Cannon Beach, Oregon. We rented a car when we did the stop at Astoria and drove here. It's SO BEAUTIFUL here. The cutest little sea town. The weather was perfect.

On the tour trolley. Hello, Golden Gate Bridge! It was amazing. So much more beautiful than I expected.

Oh, yeah! I forgot about this shot! At the end of the day, we had about an hour left in San Fran before we had to be back on the boat. We decided to take a street trolley to Lombard Street. I HAD (one thing I've always wanted to do) to ride on the outside hanging on to the poles. SO NEAT. This was one of my favorite memories of this city.

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