June 22, 2009

(photo found here)

Oh, my. We had the most beautiful weather today. I mean perfect. Big puffy clouds dotting the perfectly blue sky. Hot sun, but not too hot. A light breeze. I could order a day like this for every single day this summer.

I also had...

buckets full of trash that the tide brought on our beach this morning. Cigarette butts, bottle caps, baby powder containers, a fake nose from a mask, tampons, pieces of plastic. Gross. Please don't throw your trash into the earth's water ways! It ends up on our beach.

another snake killing. This one was a baby, thank goodness. It was hiding under our banana boat and scared me to death! I made my extra brave partner in crime scoop it up with a net and then begged one of the guys on staff to kill it.

engine grease all over my gloved hands whilst I greased up the steering column (is that what it's called?) on one of the boats.

sand, sand, everywhere.

dead fish. There were about 4 large dead fish rotting on the beach this morning welcoming me to work.

TONS of sea weed covering most of the beach. Big leafy green pieces all over the kids and the banana boat and tubes and me.

I think I've begun to realize that my job is NEVER the same every day. Never. Oh, sure, we do the same things. We have the same activities that take place, but it's never really "the same." And I kinda like that. I'm so very thankful to be out of the office for a while and just enjoy being outside every day. It's like a breath of fresh air at a place that I've been for a long, long time. Love it when God surprises me.


Anonymous said...

He sure keeps you guessing! - Val

Caleb's Mom said...

I am so picturing the waterfront right now...right down to the dead horseshoe crabs that should be washing up in the next few weeks! ;) PS: That trash is digusting. I'm sorry you had to deal with that. :(