June 13, 2009

What I've been up to...

1. A surprise visit from my sis and the kiddos after just getting to see them for only 2 hours the night before. They were here all week, but I've been buried alive in training and not able to see them. This little surprise was exactly what I needed.

Little E is very shy. Doesn't really express her feelings.

I have no idea what she is feeling right now,do you?

And this one...oh, this one...

I know that people are biased with how cute their nephews/nieces are, but is he not the cutest thing? Isn't he?!

2. We've had lots of thunder storms and rain, rain, rain.

Even the groundhogs are intrigued by them.

The clouds roll in...

And then the rain and wind...

3. When I was doing my laundry today, I was singing "Laundry day...see you there...under things tumbling...wanna say...love your hair...here I go...mumbling...with my Freeze Ray... I will stop the world..."

This really is just perfectly genius.

4. Loved this episode of This American Life. Been listening to it in the am whilst getting ready for the day.

5. Dyeing my streaks blue and purple. They look so cool. Pictures to come soon. I ran out of daylight.

6. Drooling over Roxy clothes that I can't afford.

I wish their board shorts weren't so freakin' expensive. They are exactly what I've been searching high and low for. And I do love this shirt too.

7. How cute is this?!!
by katie.cupcake on Flickr

8. This dress. OH.MY.
The Image is Found is beyond crazy good. I'm addicted to their photos. See more here. Oh and these have been stuck in my head. Even with a timer...they create magic.


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