November 11, 2011

11/11/11 update

I was missing you, dear little blog.

Here's an update for you....

Been spending lots of time with the littles here. With 4 running around, there is always and adventure in correction or laughter. They are such good kids. Fun. Make me laugh. Snuggle with me. Run to great me at the door when I've (or they) have been gone. Good morning hugs and love. It's crazy to think that they may not even remember how I stayed with them for a few weeks. Sad. But I'm so thankful to get to know each of these dear little souls.

Best friends are the best thing in the world. I've loved every minute I get to spend with R. We are lucky if we get to see each other once a year, so this visit has been like the best vacation ever. We were talking the other night about me being here. I constantly ask her if I can help in anyway or do anything. Don't want to take advantage of her and her hubby's amazing hospitality. Anyway, she kept saying, sweetly, how me being here has been so nice. Someone to help with the kids and talk to her during the day when they are going nuts. And she reminded me that we've already lived together. And LOVED it. Two years in college that flew by so quickly. She tells me that we were meant to live together. And staying would be the best idea I could have. Staying for a year (or more) that would be the best thing ever. Silly girl.

I adore the trees here. There is something about them that gives me chills like the water/river/ocean does. The tall, tall evergreen tops, pointing straight to the sky. (and the other trees are a mix of gold, scarlett and We don't have evergreen trees anywhere near that tall on the east coast. And mix those trees with a glimpse of Mt. Rainier on a clear day....I'm done. It's too much beauty for me to handle. I love how God gives us simple things that wow us everyday. Trees, mountains, water, sunsets. Don't let anyone ever tell you that Seattle is dreary and dull and rainy. It's so, so beautiful that you can't even believe it.

Last night we went to a movie night at the two oldest kid's school. Cars 2 and 75 kids all in one tiny gym. I've noticed how that doesn't even phase me. Kids in large numbers. That is totally normal to me. I also realized that I would rather be faced with a room of 75 kids to wrangle than have a one on one with someone I don't know very well. I'm the worst at small talk, but playing large group games with kids...easy, peasy.

Today is 11/11/11. Let's just think about how fun that is for a moment, shall we? Does that mean we can make 11:11 wishes all day?!!

Lisps spoken from little kids is the cutest. And you can't help but talk with a lisp too when you are around them.

I'm an outdoor loving person. I forget this until I'm not at camp, and I'm craving fresh air. I need to be outside. Even if it's just a walk to the office or the mailbox. I spend so much time (for the most part) outside at camp (except in the winter) that it's second nature. I long to be outside in the sunshine, the warm breezes, the open sky.

Gotta run.
Little people calling my name.


Cottage Girl


stephanie said...

Glad to see you back! :) I ALWAYS said that I WISHED I had a friend who was willing to come keep me company while I cooked/cleaned/took care of babies. That would have MEANT SO MUCH to me too! I APPRECIATED your visit in AK SO MUCH for that same reason! I'm glad you are having a great time!

Tara Peddicord said...

i. miss. your. face. but so glad you are having fun!!

cottage girl said...

Thanks, Steph. Wish I could pop over to your corner of the world. I sure do miss you!