November 07, 2011


Just some grainy phone photos to prove that I'm still alive a kickin'. Grace, Rach and I went for a walk/run down a trail and found a playground along the way. And who can resist and playground when you are seven. (yes, she's 7. And only about 1 ft shorter than me.) I, of course, had play too cause that's what fun aunties do, right? The spinning around on the tire swing just about did me in, but I tried to be brave. Spinning makes me super queasy. Yuk.
We've been having very fine weather lately. I've been blessed every time I've come to this little corner of the country. The old wives tale of rain, rain, rain doesn't hold true most of the time. Grey? Yes, at times. But not too bad. Just a drizzle of rain here and there. Yesterday was bright and sunny. Love that. Outside time, even when it's in the 30's.
Yesterday was Rachel and her hubby's anniversary. 12 years ago, I was standing up next to them when they said their vows before God and man. Now, all those years later, they are still happily married with 4 littles to make life more crazy. And I'm so thankful to still call them my dear friends who let me invade their lives for 3 weeks, play with their kids and laugh together. What a blessed day it was that Rach and I became roommates and our friendship was sealed. God sends us blessings far beyond what we deserve, doesn't He?!
Back to snuggle time with the munchkins. They all say hi!

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