November 16, 2011


Naptime means photoshoots in the backyard. It felt so good to take photos again. And my old college roomie is quite the model, isn't she?

Mom of four? She sure is. And she just got her hair colored this really amazing red/purple/black. It's incredible in the sunlight.

Last night we spent a good 45 minutes (which is like 4 hours in a kiddie filled life) talking about the Bible and other such important matters. That's what makes her the bestest kind of friend in the whole universe.

Leaving after 3 weeks of living life with her's going to be torture. Tears, for sure. But I am so incredibly, over the top thankful for these days. They have been rest for my soul and joy in my heart.
Our hearts were stapled together all those years ago in a college dorm room filled with laughter and long talks about life. It's really crazy to think that we only spent two short years together. The rest of our friendship has been lived on opposite sides of the country. And we're both awful at phone calls. But put us in a room together and it's like not time at all has passed since we've seen each other. Fantastic.

In other news:
Me, Rach and her hubby have gotten hooked on New Girl. It's the funniest new show in years. Are you watching?

And speaking of Zooey, did you know that she has songs on the Winnie the Pooh movie soundtrack? Me either till a few days ago when I heard her voice as the kids were watching the movie. Now, I can't stop listening.

Sonia Kushak concealer. Where have you been my whole life? Best make-up find in years.

We had some crazy snow this weekend. In the mountains. About 4-5inches, out of nowhere. The only shoes I had....Chucks. Not the best snow shoes, let me tell you. Lots of slippin' and slidin' as we had to trudge up the hilly driveway because the car couldn't make it through the snow. But it was insanely beautiful on the tall, tall evergreens.

I'll pop in again soon.


Cottage Girl

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