November 04, 2011

Hello, Seattle

Hello from the land of evergreens and rainy days. It really is just so beautiful here. The mountains. The water. The trees which are so different from the East Coast trees.

Yesterday, I sat next to a guy on the plane that seriously could have been Charlie from lost. He had his hood on the entire trip and slept. He didn't have tape on his knuckles though...and he wasn't as funny as adorable Dominic Monaghan.
And while we're on the topic of there anything more heartwarming than airport arrivals? People hugging and happy and laughing. It's joy all over. Love it.

Just wanted to pop in a say hi.


Cottage Girl


leslie.kidd said...

1. I saw your title and had to listen to the song while I read your blog :)

2. My husband and I just finished watching a Chuck w/ Dominic Monaghan. So funny!!

3. I love Seattle ... my aunt and uncle live there!

Enjoy your time there!!

cottage girl said...

1. I started singing that song the minute my plane landed. Love it!

2. Such a fun episode. I adore Chuck.

3. Any spots you really love here? Alki is one of my favorites.

Stitched with love and prayer said...

Welcome to Seattle! Enjoy your visit! Check out the Locks in Ballard (my neighborhood).

bevgo said...

Beautiful pic. Miss you but praying you have a relaxing and refreshing time with the entire gang!

leslie.kidd said...

Last time we were there we went to Bainbridge Island and ate a sweet little pub. We also kayaked on Lake Union and it was AWESOME ... I'm guessing now is not really the time to go kayaking though. other tips...enjoy!!

Our Family said...

I know you're having a great time and loving Seattle, but I miss your posts (and texts). How are you my long lost sis?

cottage girl said...

Phone still works in seattle, sissy-poo. Text all you want.