November 01, 2011

commence to start

(source unknown)

The big 3 month adventure starts today.

"Let the great experiment begin!" as Tobias Funke says.

I have a giant laundry list of ideas/projects/things to do/lessons to learn. And I'm hoping I can accomplish at least half of them. I always plan more than can be realistically accomplished. Aim for the stars, right? Let's hope the adventures include a giant tulle dress like the one above....

Promise to pop in when I can. Expect lots of cell phone posting from this point on. And don't forget to leave me a note or two so I won't miss you so much.


Cottage Girl


stephanie said...

I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to hear how the next few months changes/enriches your life! :)

leslie.kidd said...

I hope this time is filled with blessing and refreshing moments!!

cottage girl said...

Thanks so much. Truly.