April 12, 2012


A dear friend of mine, who also loves to do crafty things, had a birthday last week.
I knew immediately what I wanted to give her.
It actually didn't take very long at all to finish and I love every minute of the making of it.
(a few episodes of Dr. Who and The West Wing)
Sorry for the yucky photo.
I realized I wanted to take a photo and it was already dark outside.
But you get the idea, right?

And before you begin to think that I am some amazing artist,
you can buy the embroidery pattern here.
I've been in awe of Lucky Jackson's 365 project for a while now.
If you have some time, go back through and see some of her gems.

I never have gift boxes on hand, so I decided to use brown paper.
It's my go-to wrapping material.
So versatile.
This time, I just layed her present down, folded the paper over top of it and sewed around the whole thing with the sewing machine.
Then I punched holes along the edge and cut around the holes to make it look like lace.
My love of present wrapping is a bit ridiculous.
It's my favorite.


Anonymous said...

best. gift. EVER. it will soon grace our dining area wall.

happy bday tomorrow!!! love you!


cottage girl said...

There's no one else I know on this planet that I would want to give that to. Love you too!