April 11, 2012

high time

(the girls taking their harnessing skills very seriously)

We had our annual high ropes re-certification class today.
All day.  Outside.
Last year it was 145 degrees outside.
This year it was 47 degrees.
I prefer 145.

Anyway, what does high ropes certification involve?
Well, it involves harnesses, the wearing of them specifically.
It involves climbing to high, high heights and jumping from them or swinging or zipping from them.
It involves icy wind on the top of towers.
It involves tying of knots.
And belaying of persons.
And facing your fear of heights.

(Facing his fears 50ft in the air.)

It also meant that I got to ride the Giant Swing today.
And the zip line.
Oh and try and climb the wall, but I didn't do so great with that one today.
I blame it on the 47 degrees and cold fingers.
Mostly I just didn't want to climb to the top because I was lazy.
I'm 34.
I feel that it is okay to not go to the top if I don't feel like it now.
I'm comfortable in my skin enough to be okay with that scenario.
Besides, the giant swing is about 276% more fun anyway.

Oh, and I passed, thank you very much.


Meredith T. said...

This is the greatest!!! I miss camp and high ropes! Ride the swing one more time for me?? :)

cottage girl said...

How about you just come for a quick visit this summer. If you can tear yourself away from that sweet munchkin, of course. I totally wouldn't blame you if you wanted to stay home!

Tara Peddicord said...

oh. well I am just tickled that that picture made it to your blog. tickled. pink.

(bleh!) ;)

cottage girl said...

I couldn't help myself.