April 17, 2012


So, yesterday was kind of a big deal at camp.  I can't really go into why and honestly, it doesn't even matter.  The thing that really struck me was something that I often forget.  It's so easy to get sucked into the every-dayness of life.  It's easy to forget why I'm here.  It's simple to just put my head down and do the job and get things done.

Then things will happen that will remind me of the importance of what we do here.  We aren't just a place for kids to have fun.  I mean, we are that, but we aren't only that.  If this was just a place for kids to ride the giant swing, then you can count me out.  If this place was only focused on the activities, the cool things we have, the best equipment, you can bet your buck that I would be slowly leaving out the back door.

That's not why I'm here.  Granted, all those things are fantastic and kids really love them, but they aren't the reason.  It's Jesus.  We are here to tell them about Jesus.  And every single thing we do, whether it's swimming or tubing or standing in line for the zip line, it's about Jesus.  Every moment is a chance to show these precious children His love.

I was reminded yesterday that we, the full time staff, are the guardians of that.  It is our responsibility to hold that as the upmost priority.  And to do that, we must be guardians in our own lives.

I must be in the Word.  I must be bathing this place and the people here in prayer.  I must be holding Jesus as my highest priority and protecting that with all my might because I know the evil one is trying his darndest to destroy it.

Accountability is a wonderful thing.  I'm blessed to be held to a higher standard.  I don't do my best all the time. I mess up constantly and fall flat on my face.  And I'm so thankful to be loved my God who forgives and brushes me off and sends me back on my way.  And I'm blessed to be surrounded by these friends/co-workers of mine that do the same.

We are guardians.
I must remember this.
I must be accountable.
I must take it very seriously.


Anonymous said...

LOVED this post. Gave me goose bumps. Neal & I were just talking about the same thing. :) Love our staff....

cottage girl said...

Me too, friend. Me too.