April 04, 2012

Sometimes it gets frustrating having to plan my life almost a year out.
You would think that I would be used to it by now.
But still.
It's tough to swallow at times.
It leaves little room for spontaneity.

One a totally different (and happier) note, it's 70 degrees here today.
70 degrees with bright sunshine.

And it's Easter on Sunday.
I can't help but love Easter.
I love it because it's so much to do with church and less to do with presents and craziness like Christmas is.
I love remembering how wretched I am and how totally undeserving of Christ's love I am
I love thinking about the empty tomb and the angels waiting at the doorway.
I love it because it happens during the time of the year when things are blooming and life is returning.
I love it.
And I'm thankful to be loved by the God whom we celebrate the day for.

(Let's just forget those first few grumbling lines, shall we?)

1 comment:

Our Family said...

I'm going to imagine those first lines were written bc you wanted to come here for Easter :)