April 30, 2012

ridiculous standard to uphold

(Ikea on Saturday.)

I'm really good at putting a crazy amount of pressure on myself for various reasons.
A perfectionist is another word for it.
I don't like to try something, if I can't do it well.
I hate failing.

So when I click over to my blog and realize that I haven't posted in days and days,
I just get disappointed in myself.
I'm disappointed that I've failed to maintain some ridiculous standard that doesn't even really exist,
except in my own head.

(the airport parking garage that mesmerizes me every time I sit across it in the cell phone lot)

But you know what?
If this blog is truly a representation of who I am...
if it is what I will read years from now to remember what my life was like...
well, then, let the record show that I'm just not blogging that much.
And that's okay.

Right now:
I'm obsessed with Instagram and telling my stories and days in one photo and a sentence or two.
I'm taking all my photos with my iphone.
I'm wanting to not be on my computer so much and make things instead.
I'm listening to music and praying for warm days to soak in the sunshine.
I'm working long days at camp and not feeling so creative in the writing sense.
And that is all okay.

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