November 13, 2007

I can't think of words to describe it.

It's not going to leave my CD player/Zune for a couple weeks. I can see it now. I can't even use words to describe how absolutely gorgeous this music is. I've teared up about 5 times, repeated almost every track, and put on a sweatshirt cause I kept getting chills and I'm not even halfway done with my first listen through.
Have you ever heard music that seems to be pouring out of your soul? Something inside just clicks and you almost see yourself in the mirror of the sounds that surround you? The instrument's sounds are an extension of you like your arms and legs? The emotions that you feel are not only coming because of what you are listening to, but they have been hiding inside of you for a long time and finally have a reason to come out? I know this all sounds really stupid, but I just don't have the proper words to describe what I feel when I hear music like this. It resonates with my very soul and I can't get it out of my head. I have to hear it over and over and over to try and figure out what it is that "gets me" when I hear it.
BSG Season 2 soundtrack is one of my all time favorite soundtracks in the whole world, and I have a lot of instrumental soundtracks. I fell in love with them when I was in jr high/high school. I replayed my Jurrasic Park tape (yes, a cassette tape) so many times I think it finally wore out and I re-bought it on CD. John Williams was my first love in movie soundtracks. A couple years ago, a friend, who loves him as much as I do, got her and I tickets to see the National Symphony Orchestra play his music for over 2 hours at the Kennedy Center. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life. On New Years Eve in 1999, I saw John Williams, live and in person, (conducting a piece of music he had written for a short film being shown that Steven Spielberg had made about the 1900's) at the Lincoln Memorial during the big 1999/2000 celebration. Another dream come true, even if it was bitter cold. He's written so many of my favorites from Hook to Harry Potter to Far and Away to Stepmom. If you've never hear him, this CD is a great one to try. It's at our library. Maybe, it's at yours.
Well, when my brother told me that he had the soundtrack to Battlestar, I asked him to let me hear it, pronto. You all know how I rave about this show, right?! Well, after listening to that CD I realized the music was one of the main reasons why. I haven't stopped playing this CD even though I've had it for months. I listen to it non-stop at work. I passed it along to friends. It's incredible.
After season 3 ended, I wanted some more of his music so badly (even though I still didn't have season 1 yet, silly girl). I ordered it on Amazon last week (along with season 1) and it finally came today. It's everything I expected, but so much more than that too.
The composer...he's a genius, I'm tellin' you....Bear McCreary has a website. And not just "some website" but a totally cool one with lots of samples of his stuff. You MUST go and look around and LISTEN. Click on online demo on the left. (Be sure to click on video demo at the top before you click on the audio samples. It give you a taste of how cool the show is with the music behind it.) One of my favorites (and it's impossible say it's better than the rest) is under drama and it's called Something Dark is Coming, but again, all the Battlestar pieces are incredible. You can open another window and keep doing the internet thing while you listen if you can't just stop and just enjoy it. Try it. It will give you just a little window into how amazing this guy is and maybe even convince you to try the show too, hint, hint...
Now, I've gone on much longer than I wanted to. I just wanted to say that I'm LOVING every minute of this CD. I still haven't finished my first time through cause I keep repeating tracks. But that's even better. There's nothing like the first listen to a CD you know will be one of your all time favorites 20 years from now. These emotions are just too fun to want to rush.

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