January 17, 2008

words...they don't work in this case.

Wow. It was inspiring, moving and absolutely beautiful.

Last night, the bro and I sat down to watch a DVD. To be completely honest, I wasn't very excited at first because I didn't think I would like it. I'm not usually into performances on television. For example, I don't like music videos. I can't stand American Idol (I know, I know, I just haven't given it a chance. Well, yes, I have each season for about 10 minutes and each time I get bored and shut it off or changed the channel.) Or another example, "let sit down and watch U2's Elevation tour DVD." Um, no thank you. I'm usually totally bored within 1 minute. I just don't enjoy it.
So, when I got this DVD for him for his birthday, the bro kept begging me to watch it with him. I kept saying no and tried to direct him to some other show or movie. I finally relented yesterday after hearing from a different source that it was good and enjoyable and lots of eye candy to enjoy.
We sit down and put in Sigur Ros' Heima. It started with my favorite song, which I have mentioned here before. And from there is was a wonderland of music and views of Iceland and people and instruments and just magic. About 10 minutes in, I was spellbound.
Curses...He was right again.

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