August 04, 2013

last week

We begin our last week of residential camp tonight.

I don't even want to think about camp being over, even though we do have one more week of day camp left.  Thank the good Lord.

Anyway, I've been writing quite a bit lately and wonder if I should post of it here.

It's more personal in nature and makes me feel quite vulnerable.

But writing it has been so freeing and inspiring.

Maybe one day.

I don't know if anyone even reads these ramblings anymore as my posting has become quite sporadic.

I guess it doesn't really matter anyway because I write for myself, not to gain followers.

But this week....

This week is all about finishing well.  Loving well.  Caring for others well.  Giving and pouring out as much as I can.  It's about being grateful and thankful for the ministry we are allowed to do here.  It's about giving my Redeemer the glory He is due in this crazy life I am granted.  It's about being open and honest and sharing what He is doing in my heart and my life.

This week is also about laughter.  Lots of it.  Last night, I laughed harder than I think have in literally years.  Laughed so hard I couldn't breath and my eyes were pouring tears and my sides ached.  I'm thankful for friends that I can laugh like that with.  They are a treasure near and dear to my heart.

Dear summer camp,
I love you so much and wouldn't trade you for millions of dollars.  I love that you are a fast and furious 11 weeks.  I love that you force me to say goodbye, even when goodbyes are my least favorite thing in the entire world.  I love that you show me (and everyone else too...) my faults and failures .  I love that you give me the opportunity to serve others in a way that I enjoy more than anything else in life.  And I can't wait to do it all again next year.


Cottage Girl

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