August 27, 2013


The day after my roommate and I saw First Date, there were no plans on the agenda.  We had only been done with camp for 4 days, so having no plans and no where we had to be sounded like perfection. One thing we wanted to do was eat a Shake Shack, so we jumped on the subway and went to the Madison Square Park location.  

Side note:  I am notorious for eating terrible food when I go on trips.  I'm so focused on what I'm going to see and do that I never even think about food until I'm hungry.  I'm all about the adventure.  Food is just an annoyance.  All my foodie friends are so annoyed when I get back and they ask me, "so where did you eat?!!" and my answer is always "I don't know.  Some place."  They just can't comprehend that I don't care what I eat.  I made a promise that I would do better on this trip.  I did for at least one meal.  That's an improvement, right?

S and I realized that we gravitated towards parks.  Even in the big city, we were looking for nature.  Camp girls at heart, I suppose.  Madison Square Park was lovely.  

One of the reasons I was excited about this location, besides it being in a pretty park, was that it was used in an episode of The Newsroom.  I have been ob-sessed with The Newsroom this summer.  And the scene at the Shake Shack was one of my favorites.  

The burger was good, but I have to admit, it wasn't nearly as good as the burger I had at Good Stuff Eatery a few days before.  [We had gone there because my roommate is a massive Top Chef fan (I've never watched it) and has been wanting to eat there for a long time.  It really was delicious.]  The Shack Attack concrete was super yummy.  I want another one of those at this very minute.  Yum.  

We got there early and ate an early lunch since the line usually get ridiculously long at this location.  While we were there, I was texting with a friend back at home.  She told us to run and get in the view of the line camera so she could see us.  How crazy is that?!

There we are.  Hello, America.

We were right by the Flatiron building, so of course photos had to be taken.  It's so charming.

The Empire State Building is always so regal and old Hollywood to me.  King Kong.  An Affair to Remember.  Staring at it takes me back in time.

There really is something strangely magical about this city.  It has a totally different vibe than any other city.  Every time I visit it, I find new corners that I really love and think "maybe I could live here for a year".  But then I start to miss the river and the grass and the openness of life in the country.  Apparently I'm a country girl at heart.  The water has a bigger draw on my heart than the concrete jungle.  And you know what?  I'm totally okay with that.  That just makes trips like this to the city even more special.

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