August 29, 2013

Tea trip

One of the things I was really excited about when going to the Big Apple was going to a David's Tea storefront.  I first heard about David's Tea this past winter and have since placed a few orders.  There are no actual stores in my area, so I usually just take a chance and order something that sounds delicious in the website descriptions.  I've only gotten one kind that wasn't really as good as I was hoping it would be. The rest have been so yummy.

Coffee isn't for me.  I always think it smells heavenly, but can't stand the way it tastes.  Tea, on the other hand, is perfection.  I'm blaming my British grandmother and my mother who drinks hot tea constantly every day, all year.  

David's Tea has multitudes of flavors to try.  They have new flavors for the seasons, cute mugs and containers, strainers, etc.  If you love tea, you should give them a try.  Black tea is my favorite type and their Read My Lips is the most perfect chocolate, black tea ever.  

I might have gone a bit nuts in my purchasing while I was there.  The girl working at the counter was so patient and let me smell lots of different kinds based on the flavors I already loved.  I ended up buying so much that they threw in my cup of hot tea in for free.  So nice.

I've been drinking the Mint Julep constantly.  It's ridiculously delicious.  I want some right now just thinking about it.  The infuser was my splurge (okay, the whole lot was a splurge, but hey, I never go to Starbucks).  It works so much better than a tea ball because the holes are so small, trapping all the tiny leaves inside and letting the larger leaves float around freely.  Love it.  Worth the money.

If you love tea, check out David's Tea.  You won't be disappointed.

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