August 28, 2013

NYC: Part IV

I think the city is good for us right now.  The hustle and bustle.  People everywhere.  We need that.  This week is usually so lonesome with everyone leaving camp and it being so quiet.  But, here, we can be surrounded by people and feel their energy and life.  It doesn't feel so sad.  The city is good for us.
-paraphrasing what my roommate so wisely said while we sat in Times Square processing our meet and greet with Zachary Levi.  I was still shaking all over like an excited puppy.

So true.  The week after camp ends is usually a lonely, melancholy time.  All of our summer staff/friends scatter across the country.  The tiny, skeleton crew that runs the rest of the year at camp is left kinda shell shocked, battered.  It's hard to describe in words, but if you've ever lived the camp life, I'm sure you totally get it.
Hence, the city, the busy-ness, the life everywhere feels comforting, not overwhelming. The city really was a very good idea for us.  Maybe this should be a yearly tradition....hmmm...

There was the cutest little park (again with the parks and the nature) right across from our hotel.  Lots of cute tables and chairs.  Shade trees.  Complete with a freakin' waterfall?!  Awesome.  Wish we could have spent more time here.

We spent a few blissful hours sitting in Rockefeller Center, which I know is a huge touristy area, but I just love it so much.  Literally hours, sitting in the shade.  People watching.  Making up stories of where this person and that family came from.
There was a farmers market right in front of the NBC store, so we grabbed some fresh (and ridiculously delicious) peaches for the ride home.  It was a little strange to be shopping for baked goods, jellies, fruits and vegetables looking up at 30 Rock and the Today Show set.  Weird, but great.

Wish I could have brought these home with me.  I'm a big Parks and Rec fan.  Ron Swanson.  It's my favorite comedy on TV right now.

(First Date playbill signed by Zac, Rose petal that blew into our seats at the show, metro cards, receipts from the bus, hotel, metro and Shake Shack, First Date ticket stubs, David's Tea bag, scrap paper from the hotel)

I always love and hate at the same time cleaning out my bags at the end of a trip.  So many mementos and memories attached to them.  I used to save everything and then realized that I have no room for such things.  Now I take photos of all of it and they get stored digitally instead.  Except the playbill and ticket stub.  I kept those!

Thanks, New York City.  You were lovely and adventure filled as you always are.  You were the perfect 2 day vacation at the end of crazy summer.  I'll be back soon.

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