October 07, 2005

10 Fave's in no apparent order...

Here are 10 things in life that I love right now. Not in any particular order of importance.

#1 Summer camp (If working there for a summer changes your life, imagine what 7 summers can do?!)

#2 My brother (He just moved near me and I'm LOVING it.)

#3American Express commercials (especially Kate Winslet's)

#4 In Style Magazine (it's my guilty pleasure each month. Clothes I can't afford and make-up I want to have. No gossip either. I hate US and IN TOUCH. Yuk!)

#5 This is my favorite website of a family who just adopted their first child from China)

#6 Fall season premieres on TV. (I've always loved TV more than movies. This year it's the following: Gilmore Girls, Alias, Lost, Smallville, Amazing Race)

#7 No humidity (It's ridiculously humid in the summer where I live. It's like walking into your bathroom after you've taken a shower. Forget not sweating. And forget looking nice.)

#8 My digital camera (was a film girl all the way, till I met my Kodak Easy Share. Now if I can only remember to print out the pictures I take...)

#9 The sunset (If you've never seen it over a river on the East Coast. Go do it now. Yes pollution is bad, but it makes the best sunsets.)

#10 Zap2it.com's TV Gal weekly article (read to find out why)

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