October 24, 2005

Cold, cold, cold...

I've realized this year, more than any other year, that I just do not like the cold weather. I could handle wearing scarves and hats for about 4 days and then I miss my flip flops and tank tops.

Outside, at this very moment, it's cold and windy. It's always windy where I live. That makes the heat livable in dead of summer. It also makes it bitter in the winter. My little cottage just whistles in the frigid winds. I should be a bear so I can sleep through the cold and come alive in the warmth.

Maybe I should just move to Hawaii, which has been haunting my thoughts lately. To sit on the beach and watch the sun set over Sunset Beach. Or watch the sunrise on the Na Pali coast. That sounds like perfection. Maybe I was born in the wrong state.
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