October 19, 2005

What do I do on my days off?......

Since I work so hard when I do work, I want to lay around and do nothing when I'm not working. I'll be honest. I love to watch TV and movies. If that were a "legit" hobby on surveys, I'd check it every time.

So that's what I did on my day off this week. I went home to hang with my brother. We watched Firefly all day. We got hooked after watching 2 episodes a couple weeks ago and then seeing the movie Serenity. I love just about any world that Joss Whedon decides to create. Buffy, Angel, Toy Story, Firefly. All good.

And my parents little doggie decided that she wanted to share in the fun too. We did do one thing that was active. We walked her down the road near our house. We also went into the woods to see our old sledding hill for old time's sake. The woods is being torn down to make a new housing development. Yuk. I think that is the first time I've been devastated by one of my childhood haunts being destroyed. It's horrible! Those trees were the source of so much fun when I was a child. Now they are going to be levelled and our house will look into someone else's front window. No more shade from the 50 year old trees outside of my childhood room window. Something will always feel like it's missing when I go home now.
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