October 31, 2005

it's official

Got the tickets to Paris last night. It's finally hit me that I will be in Paris in almost 2 weeks. Paris! I've only seen it on movies and postcards. I was so excited that I was jumping around the house singing outloud "I'm go-ing to Paris. I-'m go-ing to Par-is." My roommate was gone, which was good for the persona that I try to put off (aka dignified, intelligent, mature. I am all of these things at times. And none of these things at other times).
I'm so excited to take pictures and experience it. To live it, breathe it, feel it, smell it. Love it or hate it. Be terrified by the fact that I know about 5 words of French. Know that the people around me are saying "tourist" to each other just like I do when I go to DC. Take a picture of me and 2 of my best friends in front of the Eiffel tower. Sip tea at a cafe.
I was born with an overactive imagination and sometimes, it literally takes over when I'm in new places. I went on a dream trip last year to Prince Edward Island (I have devoured L.M. Montgomery books since I was young. I've re-read my paperbacks that my grandfather gave me a thousand times so that they are hanging on for dear life) If you have never read an Anne of Green Gables book #1 I feel so sorry for you and #2 that is the setting for the stories. I had dreamed about what it would look like and smell like. I imagined the Island back in the day when the books were written (early 1900's). There were few cars and no street signs and power lines. I was ecstatic to find that the Island hasn't changed so very much since those days. I could walk "Lover's Lane" and truly feel like I was in the story. I tiptoed through Haunted Woods feeling the chill and eeeerieeeness in the trees. The places of my imagination were real and I could walk around in them. It was amazing... I still dream about the Island.
Now that I've totally gone off the subject (imagination can also equal rabbit trails). Paris, here I come
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