February 10, 2006

American Airlines is not my best friend

Our flight home was interesting/annoying/a true series of "wah-wah" as my brother says. Our flight was late leaving GC. The service at the ticket counter was disorganized. For some reason matching up our luggage ticket with our specific luggage didn't seem to matter. Miami airport...so disorganized (at least the concourse we were in)!! Off the plane, thru customs (rightly so), get luggage, re-check luggage, Homeland Security check, re-xray luggage (but only if they felt like it), lug it around for a mile, hand it over to some lady standing at a roped off area (her way of helping was yelling "American Airlines luggage here!"), out of the gate only to get back in line for security check, HUGE line for security x-ray again and finally to run to the gate to get back on the same flight number. Does anyone else see the insanity of this?
Then we arrive home to wait at the luggage carousel and watch and watch and watch until there was no more luggage to claim. Somehow (um, maybe the yelling lady could explain) our luggage was left in Miami. (my brothers foreboding "our luggage will never make it on the plane." Darn it he was right again!) Waited for the next flight from Miami cause there was a "90% chance" it was on that flight. Nope, nada.
By now, we are starving cause because, of course, airlines don't have food anymore and the "circus" didn't even leave us time to use the bathroom, not to mention get food. Then the whole not matching up luggage tickets thing came into action. "No, I'm sorry but we can't ship it to 3 different addresses because there is no way in the computer that we can know whose is whose." By then, we'd had it and no more mister nice guy. "Oh, yes you can and you will!" Was it our fault that your ticket agent didn't do her job? Nope. So make it right. We described our luggage in detail and then had to give all our addresses and phone numbers to make sure they got to the right place. Gracious. I will think twice, no probably 10 times before ever using American again.
So glad to be home.

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