February 16, 2006

Conch delight

I forgot to tell this story while I was in Grand Cayman...
I returned home with out any souvenirs except for the following (besides my 200 pictures, of course). We had the most wonderful company that took us on our snorkeling cruise. We went to 3 spots, one of them being Stingray City, which is a HUGE Grand Cayman tourist attraction. Stingray City is actually a sand bar in the middle of the ocean between the reef line and the island (a couple miles away). I was actually standing when we saw the stingrays, which was really amazing! Standing in the middle of the ocean!
On our ride back to land, our two adorable guides stopped at one last spot. They picked up enough conch shells for every party on the boat to have one (we had a really small crowd, which was so nice! Our family and 2 other couples.) The guy who was driving our boat broke the shells open and then let all of us taste raw conch. He took the animal out of all the shells and gave us these beautiful souvenirs (don't worry. they were going to eat the conch, so it didn't go to waste!) Such a fun memory. Now I have a conch shell sitting in my room that I saw get picked off the ocean floor!

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1 comment:

coffeetoast said...

wow..now i'm really jealous..hee..i haven't had a conch shell like this in my collection yet. Good for u!