February 10, 2006

Rainy Day cont...

(yes, I'm posting this several days later because we no longer had access to the internet.)

After getting frustrated with sitting in the hotel room, we decided to venture out and snorkel in the rain. We found another place several miles down the road near a dive shop. The owners were nice enough to let us use their ladder into the water at no charge. I opted to sit out cause it was kinda chilly with the wind and the clouds. Instead, I sat on the "beach" and took some photos and soaked in the amazing site of the waves crashing into the rocks. Here's one...can you find "waldo" in his camo?
And 2 of the snorkeling crew...
It never stopped raining that day. But of course, the next day was perfect. And it was the day we were leaving. Such is the weather of our family vacations. Some things never change.
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