February 07, 2006

Just another Monday

Things I swam with today…

  • Fish (too many kinds to count)
  • Coral
  • Lobster
  • Sharks (yes, really. Touched them and everything. And it was so amazing…)
  • Eels (I really think they will be in hell. They are the most evil looking things in the world)
  • Stingrays (soft like wet velvet, not to mention looking like they are flying through water. Gentle. There were dozens of them. Got to hold them and touch them as they all swam by me.)

    Other things I did today…
  • Ate conch about 20 seconds after it had been picked off of the ocean floor.
  • Rode a boat to 3 different snorkeling spots in the ocean.
  • Laid on the beach with no sun and lots of clouds.
  • Snorkeled in waves. Kinda rough, but so worth it.
  • Got the coolest souvenir to bring home. A conch shell from the ocean floor. Our boat guides got them for us and took the animal from inside to eat.)
  • Watched Jack Bauer live another hour.
  • Wore my flip flops and loved every second of it.
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