April 05, 2006


Morning routine...
Get up.
Take shower.
Turn on Today show for viewing pleasure while getting ready.

This morning, my Today show news was not so fun. The oh, so funny group of 4 is losing their little sunshine. No more Katie Couric. No...she has to go to CBS and do the evening news. Don't people ever stay in place anymore (yes, that's a song, but it fit so well).

Oh, my how I love my Today show fix in the mornings (and yes, I have gone to Rockafeller center to see it being taped, and yes I had signs, and yes it was SO much fun!!!). Katie, Matt, Al and Ann make me smile. I love the way they joke around with each other and tease each other. I love Halloween when they all dress up and laugh at each other's costumes. I love when Matt makes fun of Katie and rolls his eyes when she gets the giggles. It just won't be the same.

Ho-hum. Does anyone else feel like they are losing a morning friend or am I the only crazy one?
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